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November 25, 2006
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Old Stuff--Banshee Shriek by Stuperman454 Old Stuff--Banshee Shriek by Stuperman454
A couple of old things that I don't think I had submitted before--and yet I don't know why....

or maybe I do.
I have of course revealed in an earlier scrap that later in Odd Trio Sam will come into her own Phantom powers--but I think I may have revealed that a little prematurely, as it hasn't happened in the storyline yet. But hey, everyone loves spoilers don't they? (Jewel is technically a spoiler, seeing as she hasn't happened yet.)

This is Sam's own little version of Danny's Ghostly Wail, she calls it the Banshee Shriek (just to be different). The Shriek is a lot higher pitched, does a lot more sonic damage, and is a little bit stronger than the Wail. However, it also takes a lot more energy, and seeing as Sam isn't as strong overall as Danny, it also drains her of too much energy if she uses it long and/or hard enough, and could render her unconscious. Sam tries to avoid this one, only using it as a last resort, as can be expected.
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Princess-Nabby May 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, cool logo man.
sam as a ghost? that's cool
It seems like you lost interest in the Odd Trio storyline...

So, out of curiosity, how did Sam get halfa'd?
Oh, and I can't tell you just how Sam gets halfa'd just yet, can't spoil the story. The only teaser I could give you is that Danny definetly have something to do with it.
But that's a big DUH anyway.
But I will say that both Butch Hartman and Grey DeLisle know about the idea, and they both thought that it was ingenious. :D
such a tease, I know.
Awww... you're no fun. I guess I'll have to wait 'til your mojo gets working again.

*Wow, you know Butch and Grey? I'm envious. I'm doubt they wouldn't be as supportive on my take on this "what if?" :P
I don't know them personally, no. But ~Staredcraft has met each of them though, at comic cons and such.
Oh, a six degrees thing.

Still, impressive to get praise from THE guy on fandom. I'm envious and proud at once, sir.
on the contrary, I didn't lose interest at all.
Mojo, yes. I've hit a hell of a wall, but interest, definetly not. This brain is still grinding the OddGears. I just wish I could get all the great ideas down into a real product.
But you know how it goes; you try to get the story done, and you just draw a big fat blank every time.
Awesome idea and art. :)
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